Nathan Clendenin

Nathan Clendenin

My life is driven by a deep-seated desire to discover the great things in this world and share them with others. I do that mostly through images, whether moving or still. The way I first realized my calling in life was after leading a bunch of high school students on a trip to Cuba, I couldn’t wait to get back and put together the photos for a presentation to the entire student body. I obsessed over every detail of that slideshow and fine-tuned things most people probably never noticed. I knew I had stumbled into something burning inside me and I was determined to discover more about it.

“My life is driven by a deep-seated desire to discover the great things in this world and share them with others.”

So I started teaching myself, asking others for a lot of help and advice, and slowly learned my way into the art of telling a story. Eventually I ended up at UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication where I studied Visual Communication (AND met my amazing wife, Rebecca). My masters work took me to South Africa where I fell in love with the people and my heart broke for those suffering as I explored the themes of AIDS, Poverty and Faith.

My wife and I returned to South Africa for a year where we lived in community and served alongside a local church. We taught computer and photography classes, fed and prayed with the hungry, and discovered a contagious faith from our South African friends. We returned home to Durham, North Carolina in August of 2009, pregnant with our first child, Samuel John (we call him “SJ”). That’s when I launched full time into wedding photography and storytelling for non-profits and businesses. Check out my website to see some of the other work I do when I’m not at a wedding.

Two Truths and a Lie

A. I’ve illegally crossed an international border.
B. I went to military school.
C. I really don’t like good beer. (Especially not Guinness. Nor Newcastle.)

I admit it. I crossed a border illegally. My wife and I were climbing around the hills of a remote village in Swaziland with our guide, Nathi, who told us we were right next to the South Africa border. So we hopped the fence and snapped a photo. That year in Africa was huge for us. It’s where we discovered our passion for loving like Jesus, and it’s where I felt my photography come alive in new ways. We told lots of stories (with photos) on our blog if you’re interested.

Most people are really surprised that I went to boarding school. Maybe it’s because I say “dude” a lot or it could be my hair, which is usually sticking straight up. But I’m grateful for that experience at Culver Military Academy, where I learned to love learning. That’s why I enjoy photography and video work so much, because there’s always something new to learn: a new piece of equipment to try out, a new technique to discover, and new people to relate to.

I’d love to learn more about you and your fiancĂ©. How you met, how he proposed, what you love (and don’t love) and everything in between. Give me a call or click the button below to get in touch. Unless I’m out of the country I usually get back to you right away. Be sure to tell me the date of your wedding and as many other details as you want to share.

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